Merge iOS version and Vision Pro version into one Xcode project

Hi, if I’ve already developed a Unity app for iOS, and now I want to develop a Vision Pro version of it, which has a different content format, not just the iPad version in a flat window. This means I need to create a new project with PolySpatial and export another Xcode project. How should I merge these two Xcode projects together so that they can be submitted as one app and run the respective versions on iOS and visionOS? Is this possible now?

At this time this isn’t possible, primarily because there are significant differences in supported API, distribution and source between the two. It’s something that has been talked about internally, but at this time there is no real plan for this.

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@TangoChen it’s (in theory) possible to do this today, but it requires a bit of work; you’ll have to manually combine the two projects, adding new targets (and making sure target file membership is correct, i.e. there are some files that should be iOS only and others that should be visionOS only). However, it does require that the Unity data (your scenes, textures, etc) be the same between the two builds. I think that’s the case, but it’s not guaranteed.

This is a good call out though, we need to evaluate this and provide some samples on how to accomplish this. I don’t have an ETA for that unfortunately.

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After some digging – Apple already has a mechanism for this. As long as you use the same bundle identifier, you can build for different targets from different Xcode projects and upload them to the app store. They’ll all be linked on the app store side, and users will get the correct version for their device. You don’t need to have them all in one project.

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Thank you so much for the responses!
@v_vuk Wow, that’s so easy and convienent!! I’ll give it a try in the future!