Merging 2 projects together without disclosing codes

We are working on a project with another company and we will be working on different scenes that are separate from each other (we do not share any common assets), and we will need to combine both parts to make it into one single project when compiling to iOS/Android.

The problem we anticipate is that we do not want to disclose our codes and prefabs etc to the other company so the export/import of unitypackage may not work for us in combining our parts into theirs. Is there a way how we could achieve that?

We are looking into Asset Bundles and are still trying to figure out how it works. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could point us into the right direction. Thanks so much!

If you’re working with another company surely there needs to be some sort of trust and contract between you guys? Therefore a disclosure notice would stop them from stealing or reusing any assets created by you guys in their own projects and vice-versa.

We worked with companies in the past and a simple external compilation was used to ensure all work was compiled by a 3rd party who had no bias either way however in recent times we’ve just used contracts to stop anyone stealing our work - 2nd problem being - why AREN’T you sharing assets? What if there are two models called “Man_001”, the system will inevitably throw an error because it won’t know which to pick, same as if there are two files called “Controls.cs” or any other conflicting files/variables