Merging 2 Textures Into 1

I am trying to merge two textures into one with little sucess.
One texture is a border with a UI mask in the middle and the second texture is a picture of the user, taken with the camera of a mobile device. When the user takes the picture it is saved as a photo of him togther with the border.
The problem is, I cant really understand who merging 2 textures work. I get an image but the colors are blurry.
This is the code I am using:

public class MergeTextures : MonoBehaviour {
	public RawImage image;
	public Texture2D tex1;
	public Texture2D tex2;
	public void Merge()
		Color[] tex1Pix = tex1.GetPixels();
		Color[] tex2Pix = tex2.GetPixels();
		int width = (tex1.width >= tex2.width) ? tex1.width : tex2.width;
		int height = (tex1.height >= tex2.height) ? tex1.height : tex2.height;
		Color[] biggerArray = (tex1Pix.Length >= tex2Pix.Length) ? tex1Pix : tex2Pix;
		Color[] smallerArray = (biggerArray == tex1Pix) ? tex2Pix : tex1Pix;
		for(int i = 0; i < smallerArray.Length; i++)
			biggerArray _+= smallerArray*;*_

* Texture2D photo = new Texture2D(width, height);*
* photo.SetPixels(biggerArray);*
* photo.Apply();*

* image.texture = photo;*
* image.SetNativeSize();*
* }*
I will appreciate any help!

Graphics.BlitMultiTap or Graphics.Blit will definately do the trick. You will want to take your materials and transparencies into consideration. For transparency possibly use a decal material when using Graphics.BlitMultiTap.

Just as a warning this will reuire pro.