Merging scripts

After reviewing the comments below, I am editing the question to make it more feasible.

I’m using the PUN demos to re-create my own world. Included with the demo is a “ThirdPersonCamera.cs” script. This script appears to have simple “camera follow player” and “snap camera to behind player” principles. I have disabled the snap to behind script, and would like to add a “mouse driven camera orbit” script to the current script.

void LateUpdate ()
	// Update camera position - specifics are delegated to camera mode functions
		if (
			(Input.GetMouseButton (0) || Input.GetMouseButton (1)) &&	// Act if a mouse button is down
			(!requireLock || controlLock || Screen.lockCursor)			// ... and we're allowed to
			if (controlLock)
				Screen.lockCursor = true;
			FreeUpdate ();
			lastStationaryPosition = target.transform.position;
				// Update the stationary position so we don't get an immediate snap back when releasing the mouse button
			if (controlLock)
				Screen.lockCursor = false;
			Vector3 movement = target.transform.position - lastStationaryPosition;
			if (new Vector2 (movement.x, movement.z).magnitude > movementThreshold)
			// Only update follow camera if we moved sufficiently
				FollowUpdate ();
		DistanceUpdate ();

above is the primary script i would like to add to my current script.

The LateUpdate() function in my current script contains:
    void LateUpdate()

requireLock, controlLock and Screen.lockCursor don’t appear to exist in my current script. I realize Screen.lockCursor is a global command, but requireLock and controlLock contain many previous calculations that i believe to be irrelevant. However, they are relevant if i want ground boundaries and object collision detection.

anyone with the same problem can consider this solved!
put the mouse change trackers inside of a new if(GetMouseButton(*)) statement!

Thank you Starwalker for your assistance… I settled on!

Its really got about everything i could ever want my camera to do! I had to make a few adjustments and now i’m ready to queue it to follow always, but only rotate on mousedown!

if anyone wants to take a crack at it while i do some playing around, here’s my edited script:

using UnityEngine;
    using System.Collections;
    public class ThirdPersonCamera : MonoBehaviour
    	public Transform target;
    		// The object we're looking at
    	new public Camera camera;
           public float distance = 5.0f;
        public float xSpeed = 120.0f;
        public float ySpeed = 120.0f;
        public float yMinLimit = -20f;
        public float yMaxLimit = 80f;
        public float distanceMin = .5f;
        public float distanceMax = 15f;
        float x = 0.0f;
        float y = 0.0f;
    	// Use this for initialization
    	void Start () {
    		camera = Camera.main;
            Vector3 angles = camera.transform.eulerAngles;
            x = angles.y;
            y = angles.x;
            // Make the rigid body not change rotation
            if (rigidbody)
                rigidbody.freezeRotation = true;
        void LateUpdate () {
        if (target) {
            x += Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * xSpeed * distance * 0.02f;
            y -= Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") * ySpeed * 0.02f;
            y = ClampAngle(y, yMinLimit, yMaxLimit);
            Quaternion rotation = Quaternion.Euler(y, x, 0);
            distance = Mathf.Clamp(distance - Input.GetAxis("Mouse ScrollWheel")*5, distanceMin, distanceMax);
            RaycastHit hit;
            if (Physics.Linecast (target.position, camera.transform.position, out hit)) {
                    distance -=  hit.distance;
            Vector3 negDistance = new Vector3(0.0f, 0.0f, -distance);
            Vector3 position = rotation * negDistance + target.position;
            camera.transform.rotation = rotation;
            camera.transform.position = position;
    			Vector3 pHeight = target.position;
    			pHeight.y = target.position.y+1.5f;
        public static float ClampAngle(float angle, float min, float max)
            if (angle < -360F)
                angle += 360F;
            if (angle > 360F)
                angle -= 360F;
            return Mathf.Clamp(angle, min, max);