Mese from Maya's scale is 100 times small

Hello, Thank you for read my question.

I’ve searched maya’s pbx importing problem, and I tried to fix exporting scale value to “1”,
but it’s still 100 times small and if I try to using this mesh as scaled object,
the perfomance is critically going to down.
How can I export and import as original size of meshes?
I’m using Maya 2014 mac version, and unity 3d is mac version 4.2.1

There is a scaling option for the mesh after importing to Unity. This needs to be set to a different value depending on the modeling software as they all use different base units. Click on the mesh in the Unity editor, select the Model tab, then set ‘Scale factor’ to 100.

I believe this scales the asset itself, not the model in-game. There shouldn’t be any performance hit.