Mesh adaption

Hey guys, I’m currently working on a project where I import a mesh through code (C#) into my application. The triangles on the mesh are all in different sizes, meaning the edges and the area of the triangles are quite different. See the image below. Does anyone know a way to shape the triangles uniformly, while approximately keeping the shape of the whole mesh? Appreciate your answers!

the solution depends heavily on some other things:

  1. is the mesh just 2D? it kinda seems so from the screenshot, but i can’t be sure.
  2. does it have uv mapping which you need to keep, or in general, do you need to keep the original (number and connections) of inside vertices, or can you just scrap them and make your own?
  3. what is the mesh (supposed to represent), and how is it going to be used? (terrain? close-sliced sprite? part of a rigged object? just a static model?)