Mesh and material missing after .fbx Import as AssetBundle

I’m trying to add a download option for 3D-Models to my App.
I have a couple of city model tiles and every tile contains 3-5 models in .fbx format. I’ve created new prefabs for every model, assigned the materials and created AssetBundles for every tile, each containing those 3-5 models. I can download them at runtime and they appear in the inspector but every model neither has a mesh nor material, they are both missing. When i Debug and loop through all the components of all the Assets (in my case all the individual .fbx) i can see the components attached to the individual Models (Transform, MeshFilter, MeshRenderer, MeshCollider) which i all instantiate as seperate GOs (-> the models) but still the Material and Mesh are missing.

What i did:

  • Create prefab
  • Drag the model to the prefab
  • assign material
  • double checked the mesh is attached
  • Built AssetBundle via script from documentation
  • Download those ABs via WWW

When i drag the prefabs into scene view all the assigned components are there, just not when downloaded as AssetBundle .I build the AssetBundles for Android, but it doesnt work on the mobile neither, nor in the editor itself. In this phase the materials are standard materials and i dont use any special textures.

What am I missing? Do i need an AssetBundle for each and every Model? Until now, each AssetBundle contains all the models of one tile of the city model; Roof, Wall, Terrain, BuildingInstallations. Thanks for any idea or help! Cheers

Still having this issue… No one any ideas?

@urancle Try this. Project setting > Graphics > Built-in-shader settings, make sure the shader you are using is in this list.