Mesh collider and jitter

Hello all.

I am building a pool game and I decided to use unity’s Physx engine for the game’s physics.

I have made the pool balls rigid bodies with spherical colliders.

When I use a mesh collider for the pool table bed (slate), the balls bounce up and down into random directions, even if I apply the slightest force on them. I’ve given the pool balls their official mass (170grams) and dimensions. I get the same result regardless of the “Smoot Sphere Colliders” setting. If I replace the mesh with a box collider, the balls roll smoothly on the table bed. However, I need the mesh collider because the table bed has the pocker holes on it and a box collider covers them.

I’m really a newbie to Unity so any kind of help would be greatly appreciated!

surround the hole with 3, or more, small box and use long box to cover the rest of table side, think could go?