Mesh Collider Changes in Unity 5.6

I am working on a project and it appears Unity is treating Mesh Colliders differently in the new update. Previously I was using the collider with a rigidbody in order to move custom meshes around the scene when objects interact with them. Now however it appears that the mesh Unity is generating for the collider includes the mesh and some space outside of it.

This happens when I turn Convex on, however the collider doesn’t generate without the setting. I’ve not used the meshCollider too much so perhaps I am missing something, but is there a way to have it so that only the mesh itself has the collider and not the space around the mesh?

Hey there @spidermancy612 ,
This was something unity changed with version 5.5, they dont allow you to use a none-convex mesh collider on a custom mesh object, which i suppose they did to help with performance. There is a way to go about this and the best way is to place multiple simple box colliders (none convex colliders) around the mesh of the object. They will still detect collisons just not as detailed as a mesh collider