Mesh Collider Issues - Blender Model

So I’ve just recently started creating my own “levels” using Blender, and haven’t had many issues. But the last two I’ve created both have holes (as part of the level) in certain areas that when imported into Unity (as a .fbx), don’t seem to be there. I just float right over them. The image I’ve attached is a view of me looking down into the hole while hovering above it. I’ve tried adding colliders, ticking the Generate Colliders, rotating and moving the level in Blender… nothing seems to be working. Any help or nod in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

You are hovering over them because the glass on your monitor prevents your feet from going through it. Trying to traverse your own game world is not recommended as standing on your monitor is dangerous and you should generally implement some digital player representation of yourself to do this for you.

Ok Im joking of course. The picture doesnt really show much and a screener of the scene view zoomed out with the terrain’s collider selected would be more useful. ‘Generate Colliders’ etc implements a mesh collider and they don’t like holes and recesses. This is probably to do with the way they use the vertices to make the collider.

You could try splitting the level up in to slightly smaller chunks.

Although saying that, I have used a mesh collider on a stretched box with a hole in it and it works fine.

alt text

Note that mine works because of the way I have packed the vertices tighter together around the hole and so the Mesh Collider does not attempt to connect vertices together which should not be connected.

My gameworld lives within that ring so it was important my meshcollider was ‘concave’ (not convex).

Make sure your mesh is complete Manifold or this will also cause bad Collider Generation.