Mesh collider not generated

I am trying to generate colliders by using the mesh collider component on certain gameobjects. However for some of the objects when using the mesh collider and setting the respective mesh in the inspector, a collider is not being generated and therefore not being collided with. Interestingly though when the convex option is set a collider is generated.

I would like to avoid making proxy meshes or colliders as there are quite a few meshes which need complex collision.


If you have a mesh collider component with a mesh in the Mesh slot, then you have a working mesh collider. It sounds like you’re trying to get mesh colliders to collide with other mesh colliders, which is impossible, unless they are marked convex.

After trying Wolfram’s advice, I disabled the mesh renderer and saw that there was a mesh collider being generated. However, there was still no collisions happening between it and the other colliders I had in the scene. After further testing, I discovered that collisions would happen if the other colliders colliding with the mesh renderer were scaled greater than 0.1 or the starting position of the colliders was a few units apart.

So to sum it all up colliders scaled less than 0.1 and starting in close proximity to each other do not collide.