mesh collider not interacting with objects

Hi, I am creating a 3d game, where the ground rotate with the mouse drag everything works fine but I have come up with such a problem: I have a ground with a mesh collider on it, and it is not properly interacting with the player (ball)which has sphere collider in it. it works fine at the start but if I start rotating the ground player (ball) is going inside of it… thank you!!

A moving mesh collider must have a rigidbody attached and must be a convex mesh collider. Any other setup is not supported. Since your ground mesh looks like a non convex (concave) mesh this won’t work.

To get this working properly you should build the ground collider from several primitive colliders (BoxCollider).

Also note that if you rotate the ground object you want to use Rigidbody.MoveRotation or use torque in order to detect collisions properly.