Mesh collider not working

I’m doing vuforia app. I have 3D model with different textures. I have created the script to drag the 3D with finger from here But i can’t apply mesh collider to 3D model. My 3D model doesn’t apply to choose for mesh.

Why don’t you use a box collider instead?
Are you using a RigidBody?

You can make an empty game object and assign the mesh collider to it.
Here is what to do:

  1. Make an empty game object
  2. Select the your 3D model you want to apply the mesh collider to
  3. Click the small settings Icon in the transform component and choose copy component from the drop-down
  4. Select the empty game object
  5. Click the same icon from the transform component of the empty game object
  6. Select paste component values from the drop-down
  7. Add a mesh collider component to the empty game object
  8. Modify the mesh object to be the mesh of your 3D model
  9. Make the empty game object a child of you 3D mesh

Hope this works.