Mesh collider problem

I’m new to Unity, and have limited experience with 3D software (3D studio max).

I purchased a air hockey 3DS model to be used in my first game, I’ve written all the JS to handle moving the controller which will interact with the puc.

The problem I have is that it only works if I use a box collider to the controller and table frame (which is the wrong shape for the collision) as whenever I apply the Mesh collider to either the table or controller doesn’t work (it doesn’t show the green collider outline). My understanding is that every object has to have a mesh? If so, where’s mine?

Below are the two objects I’m trying to apply the mesh collider to;


Table frame;


I’ve tried setting all mesh colliders to convex, but it makes no difference.



You cannot have a Mesh Collider and a Box Collider on the same object (atleast I think so)

Can I using the transform method on the collider to modify its shape? And without effecting the actual model the collider is attached too?