Mesh Collider to a character and the maze?


I m trying to make a maze game and my main character is a sphere.

I created my maze model on SketchUp and import it to unity. All fine till now.

The image below shows the red sphere in the maze, the maze has a mesh collider. The next image shows the maze with convex (one of the two objects must have a convex so that a collusion must happen between them two):

I imported my sphere made up from SketchUp too ( i know i can do it on unity too). I made the maze has Mesh Collider and the sphere a Sphere Collider but they don’t seem to be solid at all. My sphere character goes through the walls… (i enabled Is Triger too them both with no results).

How am i suppose to make this work and have my sphere and my maze as solid meshes?

Thank you in advance

Your IsTrigger must be disabled on both of the object (player and maze), both object must have colliders and one of them should be rigid body. :slight_smile:

At least one of those needs a RigidBody on it

Since your maze has more than 256 polygons, it can’t get a proper mesh collider. You need to create empty game objects and parent them to your maze. Then you can use box colliders on each empty game objects which are binded to your maze. But don’t use any of the colliders as isTrigger. isTrigger is only used to detect collisions. Good luck.