Mesh Colliders, best practice for large meshes?

Hello, I’m running a fairly good PC. I have a large mesh I’d like to put a mesh collider on. The mesh is about 60-70k tris. Would this completely murder unity? I am thinking of breaking it up a bit. But I’m not really sure if it would be ok anyway, or what kind of mesh collider range to be shooting for. I’m asking in a very general ballpark, for a good PC ( 3.4GHz quad core, 16RAM).

Edit: It’s a static mesh.

Mesh colliders should only be used if absolutely neccessary.
I dont know how your mesh looks like, but best pratice is to build your own collider from box colliders - if possible.

For example if you have a big statue, but the character would never reach the top of the 100m height statue, you simply put build the collider from box colliders just for the bottom of the statue (as height as the character can reach it).

A perfectly accurate mesh collider is often not neccessary.