Mesh colliders with PhysX 2.8.

I made a game recently using Unity 2.6. However, after recently converting the game into Unity 3.1, I find that all of the mesh colliders that worked well before are now near useless. They sometimes fail to detect the collision and the player can run through most of the objects without much hindrance.

I tried checking and unchecking Convex as well as some of the other options but that doesn't seem to have changed anything. I'd also rather not have to write a script to handle collision, or have to make any compound colliders since there are a lot of mesh colliders to have to apply them all to.

Any help?

In the documentation says that Mesh colliders don't collide with Mesh colliders.

"Mesh Colliders cannot collide with each other unless they are marked as Convex. Therefore, they are most useful for background objects like environment geometry."

"Convex Mesh Colliders must be fewer than 255 triangles"

"Primitive Colliders are less costly for objects under physics control."

See the complete documentation:

I recomend to use primitive colliders instead Mesh colliders, there are problems with back culling too.

Use primitive colliders and atach a Rigidybody component, it will be calculated much better, if it is a not moving object, mark as IsKinect.

Hope it help you.

This sounds like a bug to me. Please submit a bug report with your project folder, so we can have a look at the problem.

Does anybody know if this was fixed? I’m having the same issue.