Mesh.colors and Mesh.SetTriangleStrip - what do they do?

This question is a two parter. I am trying to explore all that you can do with meshes, and I’ve come across two things that I just don’t understand.

The first is Mesh.Color. It sets vertex colors - what exactly does that mean? I added a script that sets colors for a mesh, and I see no visual change. I’ve come across a couple tidbits that mention that certain shaders can use the vertex colors - is there any documentation on how to do this? Bonus points if someone can give me a simple unlit or diffuse shader that applies the color to each vertex so we can see the colors visually.

The second is Mesh.SetTriangleStrip. There is literally no documentation for this. I’m guessing it refers to [this][1]. So how do you define the triangle strip, and how do you define the verts so the triangle strip can use them?

Thanks to anyone that can help me figure these out. If someone can provide information, I’ll be sure to pester Unity to get it added to their documentation. I’ll also create a blog post so people can find it in a google search.
[1]: Triangle strip - Wikipedia

Vertex colors sets colors for each vertex in a mesh. You need a shader that uses vertex colors to see them. Features that are undocumented means that they aren’t officially supported, and can change at any time, which means you’re generally better off not using them. So, please don’t pester them about it. (Pester them about entries in the documentation that exist, but consist of a single line of cryptic text with no examples. :wink: ) Mesh.Optimize() creates triangle strips, so you can probably use that instead.