Mesh.CombineMeshes Problem. Are there limitations?

I try th combine 15000 cube Meshes into one single Mesh.

I do it like this:

// i have a Dictionary of cubes which i reference to some information, 
// and contains 15000 cubes
public Dictionary<string, GameObject> cubes;
// i also have an Mesh created in the Start() function
public Mesh mesh = new Mesh();

CombineInstance[] combineMeshes = new CombineInstance[cubes.Values.Count];
int count = 0;
foreach (GameObject c in cubes.Values)
    MeshFilter mF = c.GetComponent<MeshFilter>();
    combineFileMeshes[count].mesh = mF.mesh;
    combineFileMeshes[count].transform = c.transform.localToWorldMatrix;

mesh = Mesh.CombineMeshes(combineMeshes);

After i did this, the cubes existed, and the cubes in the mesh should look the same. But they dont. Are there limitations how many objects you can combine in a single Mesh?

Meshes in Unity cannot have more then 65536 vertices, because indices are 16 bit numbers internally. So, given that your cubes have 8 vertices each, you cannot have more then 8192 cubes in one mesh (does not matter if it is created using Mesh.CombineMeshes or by other means).