Mesh Creator (editor script) At Runtime

I have recently downloaded the Texture to Mesh package from this website
. This script works really well in the editor, however, i now need to run it when a certain script starts in gameplay. I know this is not an ideal way to go, however, the mesh is dynamic (it loads of images that can be changed) so it is next to impossible to load the correct mesh.

So what i am asking is, can i run a editor script method (i.e. updateMesh ) in a normal c# script that during gameplay and if so, how.

It won’t let me run the updateMesh function like the editor uses because its part of a object calss? here is the begin of the class i require to run a method in:

public class MeshCreator : UnityEngine.Object

You should be able to tweak that script to not require the editor, just access the texture you need at runtime, make sure it’s enabled for read/write.