Mesh deformed when animations added

I have a basic low poly mesh. I added a simple rig, with a single TPose activity. I am using blender 2.63. I have attached the blender file. I added this file to the Unity project and added it to the world. If I set animations to “do no import” the mesh looks fine. If the animations are set to anything else, the model gets distorted. I have checked that all verts are weight painted. Can anyone offer any help.[|3416]

I believe I found the answer. I went back to an earlier version of the file, before the rig was added. I applied the transforms for position, rotation, and scale. Then added a rig, and re-doing the animation. When this was imported into Unity, it kept the correct form and the animations look just like the did in Blender.

No , you need to set the scale of the object like this :

All with the same number ^^