Mesh does not rotate around custom Pivot

I’ve a wheel (mesh) in my vehicle, i wanna rotate this around the customisted pivot (created in C4d). but this doesnt work, it always takes the World-Y-Axis, but why? i’ve changed the mode from global to pivot…

here’s my code:

  oldSteerAngle = nowSteerAngle;
  nowSteerAngle = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal");
  differenzSteerAngle = nowSteerAngle - oldSteerAngle;
  differenzSteerAngle *= 10;
  Lenkrad.transform.RotateAround(Vector3.up, differenzSteerAngle);

Have you read Transform.RotateAround before you used it? :wink: The first parameter is a position in worlspace you want to rotate around. The second parameter is the axis-vector you want to rotate around and the last parameter is the angle in degree.