Mesh has rotation/translation when imported

Hey yall! I am fairly new to Unity but am a seasoned 3ds max user. I have been developing some assets for a game and have run into an issue with some of my assets. When imported into Unity for some reason they have inherit rotation/translation or sometimes both. When I look at them in 3ds max they have no translation or rotation so I am not sure where the problem is occuring and how to fix it.

I drag the asset from the folder into Unity’s project folder. Then I drag the asset from the project folder into the Hierarchy section so it adds the object to the scene. That is when I notice that there is rotation or translation. Here are two screen-shots showing the mesh in 3ds max and then the mesh in unity.

Water Droplet - No animation
Water Droplet
Water Droplet Link

Harvester - All of the harvester parts are linked to the cab so therefore the cab is technically the root object that they all follow. It has some animation but not much.
Harvester Link

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

My fix for this issue was to add a bone and skin the mesh. When imported now there is no rotation or translation.