Mesh is broken after importing from multiple versions of Blender

So, i’ve made a fairly simple mesh in blender. Looks great.

I save the file, then separately export to FBX (which also proceeds normally).

I then take my FBX and add to my project repository in Unity.

Looking at the mesh in unity’s preview box, the mesh is totally broken. I can see inside pipe objects that I know perfectly well were capped in Blender. Doing simple beveling also produces a crappy mesh in blender.

It does not seem to me that blender is the culprit. I have tried three versions (2.42, 2.49a and 2.57). They all produce this behavior.

Now I’m the 1st to admit Im no Blender expert, but I’ve followed several key tutorials on the subject, and what I am doing is well within the realm of basic. Nothing fancy is going on with my meshes.

I’ve experimented with the import options, and have managed to improve the quality (more defined corners versus lousy rounded edges, etc). I’ve calculated the normals (versus importing them), and I’ve messed with scale. There are also no animations, so I turn that option off.

As far as the EXPORT via FBX from blender, I’m disabling the export of lamp, camera and empty objects, and explicitly disabling animation from being exported (as there IS no animation). Again, the mesh looks exactly as I designed it in Blender. The problems only occur when bringing into Unity.

I’ve experimented with using non-FBX formats (obj, 3ds, etc). Same deal.

What am I doing wrong? Would love to know =P


Resolved - was me being a noob in blender.

Basically, in a nutshell, make sure your Normals are Flipped Appropriately. See the online Blender docs on how to do this, and also see the forum thread I started:

This issue is now closed.