Mesh is see through!? Why does Unity flip normals?

Normals are correct, scale is positive, clipping plane set to 0.01, I have to set my normals to negative to get it to work... so why does Unity flip normals?

Did you enable backface culling in Blender to prove they're correct?

They probably aren't what you think they are.

There are not a lot of ways this can go wrong.

EDIT: looks like you have bones and rigging / animation going on. If any of those bone scales are negative it certainly could turn your mesh inside out. Remove the anim to prove it, and if so, fix your bones so they're only scaled positively.


no, I use face orientation to display normals and yes it is my armature somehow, which is strange, all my bones have a positive value, in Blender and in Unity.

Edit, then setting my bones to negative, the issue is gone but then, I have this:

Ergh... I know there's some "reset thyself" thing you can do to the armature... perhaps select all bones in pose mode and Alt-R, Alt-G and Alt-S ?????

In a perfect world doing that doesn't break the animation. Use advice with caution: I am NOT in any way a blender / animator pro