Mesh isn't readable

I am importing FBX models from blender and giving it a mesh collider. Though I continue to get an error that says “This MeshCollider (GameObject: ‘Looped_Island_#1’ Mesh: ‘Icosphere’) requires the mesh to be marked as readable in order to be usable with the given transform”. When I run the game nothing collides with it. How do I make the mesh readable or if that isn’t the problem how do I fix this. Thank you.

Go to this specific mesh in “Project” view, click on it and in inspector click on “Read/write” and enable it.

May be you need to reimport mesh from FBX.

Find it in FBX, then right click on it and “reimport” in context menu…

I have the same problem too,

check this ‘Maxwelldoggums’ explain the problem very specific hope it helps.

Restart unity worked for me.

Select Your Asset in the project window and see the inspector. Check the box of “Read/Write Enabled” option

Here is how I solved it!