Mesh.isReadable is false although Read/Write Enabled is true

I just imported the stanford bunny via blender, enabled Read/Write of the model, applied the change, and wrote a simple code which checks the length of the vertices and triangle, but I got the error below. I did enable/disabled Read/Write several times, but nothing changed. What can I do?

I use Unity 2019.1.4f1

Not allowed to access vertices on mesh ‘BunnyStanfordUVUnwrapped_res1_bun_zipper_res1 Instance Instance’ (isReadable is false; Read/Write must be enabled in import settings)
DisplayMeshInfo:ShowMeshInfo() (at Assets/Scripts/Utils/DisplayMeshInfo.cs:93)
DisplayMeshInfo:Start() (at Assets/Scripts/Utils/DisplayMeshInfo.cs:20)

Hello, No need to re-import.

You can just go to Assets/Models (or the location where you import your models) And check the box Read/Write Enabled into the Import Settings Model Tab :

For me solution was - disable static for GameObject using this mesh.

is possible change to true in runtime (while crate/bake object)?

On android build was gettings me read/write false because of this checks in build settings, uncheck them

Ok. I just reimported the model with Read/Write disabled, and then enabled it again, then it worked.

In my case they were specific prefab meshes in my each level folder, I enabled all their read/write setting

Ok so Ummm, I just unchecked the “Batching Static” in game object static options, and it works…

I use addressables, building addressables fixed it for me.