Mesh not appearing with material

I downloaded Unity a couple days ago, and ever since, I am unable to see my mesh (a simple cube) in my scene view. If I create a cube in Unity, it shows up in wireframe, but will not display a material. If I import a mesh and drop it in the scene, I can’t see it at all. Is this a bug?

Are you showing materials in the scene view? There’s a drop-down menu directly under the tab name that allows for textured/wireframe etc views of your scene:

alt text

In this case, it says textured.

As for finding your object, select it in your hierarchy and then click once in scene view. Now press ‘f’.

Check out the basic interface overview here.

Thanks. Yeah, I saw that. Not the issue. Seems buggy. I would uninstall, but I’m not yet sure if that would have an affect on my trial download.

Agree. Uninstall is my last resort. The move manipulator is there. Nothing shows up. Thx for the reply.alt text

ok. Just found it. The “layers” tab, top right. Set to “default” Thx!