Mesh of Ragdoll Glitches, spefically the vertices position changes

Here is the video of what I’m talking about (sorry it’s so long, that’s why it’s on youtube): 1

I have no scripts attached to the ragdoll, and here is a photo of my ragdoll’s colliders: 170515-screen-shot-2020-11-06-at-120742.png

I’m using configurable joints. Also the mesh near 0, 0, 0 but it is quite small, approximately 0.2m0.4m0.2m but I need it to be small for my game. Thank you so much for reading I’ve been struggling with this for so long, and I would really appreciate any help

So it turns out it was a floating point error, I had the root of the ragdoll falling infinitely downwards and it made the system have to round up the decimals of the vertices in the mesh. The solution was to just remove this rigidbody.