Mesh Renderer Does Not Rotate With Object

I have a game object (it’s a gate) and I used: this.transform.Rotate(0f, 90f, 0f) to rotate the gate 90 degrees in order to open it. However, only the collider portion of the gate rotates, not the actual mesh. The mesh renderer and the box collider are both components of the parent game object (the gate). I don’t understand why the mesh is not rotating alongside the collider as well. Should I just use an animation instead or am I doing something wrong here?

Hey @xaeton ! I had the same problem, I found my solution. The problem is that I set the object as Static in the checkbox in the upper right corner. If the object is set as static can not move, so uncheck this to the object you want to be rotating, and it will rotate with the mesh.

Hope it works!