Mesh Renderer doesn't react to translate runtime?

I have a peculiar issue. I have a bunch of “Rock” meshes put next to each other (MeshRenderers). In a hierarchy they’re under a “TurretContainer” gameobject which has an animator. TurretContainer also contains a MeshRenderer object for the turret.

So what I do is, I want the turret to move along with it’s platform that’s made out of rocks. All fine and dandy so far, but when I create an animator that moves “TurretContainer” around - the animation plays well in inspector (animation window), but when I click ‘Play’ to run the game in inspector - only the turret is moving, but the rocks beneath it are stationary. If I look at what’s happening in ‘Scene’, I see that the wire frames of the turret AND the rocks are moving, but the rendered rocks stay stationary.

Does anyone know what could cause this? Looking at the child objects, they’re not being animated (i.e. there’s no “counter movement” in the animation to keep the rocks stationary).

Please make sure all of your dynamic objects are not set as Static.