Mesh Rendering Issue

Hi everyone, I had a 3d artist create a mesh for a wheel rim. The mesh renders properly in Unity, Blender, etc. It looks correct under every view mode: face orientation, normals, etc. It, however, renders incorrectly in the Apple Vision Pro physical headset and simulator. Each rim has it’s own different pattern of how the problem manifests so I do think it is a problem with the mesh itself but I cannot identify the source. On some, but not all, it was fixed by using Mesh Master to recalculate normals. Using another Unity tool to create a double sided mesh seems to fix all of them. In the reference image, the first 2 rims are demonstrating the issue and the 3rd is after converting to a double sided mesh. It happens with or without smoothness on a basic URP lit shader. Can someone please point me to a possible cause of this issue?

Hello @jcharbo,

Have you checked the import setting of your model in unity?
Since it’s related to normals it could be:

  • The direction: In blender you sometimes have faces facing the wrong direction (they disappear if you check Backface culling)
  • The smoothing: In blender in the object datas you have a check box Auto Smooth and the desired angle
  • There is also this smoothing option in the unity model’s import settings which can override the blender’s settings (model → normals → Calculate → put the desired value by moving the slider).

If the faces are in the right direction then by changing the tangents, normals and smoothing in unity you should be able to fix the issue

Capture d’écran 2024-05-12 à 19.54.32

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I’m not sure offhand, but if it’s possible to share the model in a bug report and let us know the incident number (IN-#####), we can look into it.

Thanks to everyone for the help. I found the issue. It was incorrect UVs on the model.

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