Mesh.SubmitVBO, Mesh.DrawVBO and Shader.SetPass comes out of nowhere to take a lot of CPU?

I am making a menu scene using OnGUI, and I have a C# script attached to an empty object in the scene. This scene doesn’t have any camera object at all, since I figured that I don’t need it for this scene. The weird thing is when I opened the profiler, I found these there Mesh.SubmitVBO, Mesh.DrawVBO and Shader.SetPass jumping out of nowhere to consume a lot of CPU %. I don’t have any 3d objects or anything besides the empty object with the C# attached. Could someone please tell me how to disable these Mesh things?
Thanks in advance


Even GUI objects become meshes in Unity so thats why it draws meshes. Most likely it does not take up much CPU-time but it might take up a lot of percent if you are not using the CPU in any other way. You will always get a sum of 100% load in the profiler since it does not measure how much of the CPU power it uses but instead weighs how much a process uses the CPU compared to another process.

I hope this helps you out :slight_smile: