mesh? syntax question.


var go : gameObject;

So that’s problem 1 that I’m having. Problem 2 is figuring out how exactly to use MeshFilter.Mesh. Again, I’m borrowing code from a unityAnswers topic that gives me this:

go.GetComponent(MeshFilter).mesh = Instantiate(Resources.Load("Models/Turrets/machinegun"));

But when I run the function that the above line is found in (that is, the function that “upgrades” my object), I get a runtime error saying

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object

I’m hoping this means that I’m just not using the syntax properly. I have the mesh I’m trying to use in the Assets folder under Assets/Models/Turrets. Am I using the path syntax correctly, or is that wrong somehow?

I’m also open to other solutions, though I do need the mesh to be changed from within the script of its own object. Thanks for your time!

Resources.Load (read the documentatiooooon) pulls from every folder named Resources located anywhere in your assets folder. The string up above would load the first asset found at:

Assets/any folder structure/Resources/Models/Turrets/machinegun