Mesh Triangles and vertices

I have a mesh consisting of 2000 vertex values with 200 different vector values. I want to find the edges of an object using mesh vertices and triangles. I want to the face of the vertex? How can I get the edges and faces of the vertices ??

As I already explained in my comments to your your necro comments on the other question:

The triangles are defined in the triangle array, not the vertices array. The vertices in the vertices array can be in any order. The triangle array contains indices which define which vertices form a triangle. The index values in the triangle array are in order. So always 3 consecutive index values form one triangle. For example the triangle array could contain the values 0,5,7,3,2,4, …

That means the first triangle is made up of the vertices at index 0, 5 and 7. The second triangle is made up of the vertices 3, 2 and 4 in that order.

In your other other comment you also asked how to determine which side a vertex faces. This makes no sense as vertices do not face a side since they don’t have a side. However triangles do have a side and which side is the front and which side the back face is determined by the winding order of the vertices in screenspace. Usually in Unity triangles need a clockwise ordering of their vertices to be considered the front face.

It’S completely unclear what exact information you need and how your source mesh looks like. Keep in mind that a mesh may have duplicated vertices due to UV seams (different texture coordinates for neighboring faces) or different normal vectors (for hard edges when it comes to lighting).

Again, the vertices array is just a pool of vertices which are linked together through the triangles array.