Mesh UV coords give weird result when FBX is imported at runtime

We are importing an FBX into unity at runtime but we are getting weird results from the mesh when it comes to the UVs. It is a little hard to explain so I have attached a picture. The mesh in the middle is the one that is imported at runtime. You can see how the UV’s look like they are blending over the seem. The bottom image shows how this effects the mesh with the texture.

When we import the file we are creating a new FBX (this is because we are morphing the original FBX with vertex data from an OBJ), the new FBX, when imported into max, has no issues with the UV info, also if I drag and drop the new file into the unity scene the UVs are perfect. The created file is also the one on the left after I drag it into the scene.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what the issue might be. I am a little stumped and can not think of anything that might be causing this.

bump, trying to attach the image. Not sure why it didn’t attach last time hopefully it works this time.

Ok I finally got the image to work, so this is the issue. If anyone has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated.