mesh.uv, mesh.uv2 is what in GL ?

what is the corresponding element in the GL lib

for the mesh.uv and mesh.uv2 ?

because I need to take the camera output and apply shader that manipulate TEXCOORD0 And TEXCOORD1

I am making a quad (two triangles) using the in the
OnRenderImage (RenderTexture source, RenderTexture dest) function and want to generate the texture coordinates from them

so I can apply this shader on them

Thanks in advance

I think what you want is GL.MultiTexCoord(int uint, Vector3 v)

With that you can set either the main or secondary texture coordinates:

GL.MultiTexCoord(0,Vector3(0,0,0)); // main texture
GL.MultiTexCoord(1,Vector3(0,0,0)); // second texture