MeshCollider Collision Table

Could someone provide me with a collision table of what MeshColliders will/will not send collision/trigger messages with (not physics collisions, just the messages, or, for example, Raycasts)? I'm looking for any possible configuration (Kinematic / Trigger / Raycast / Other types of colliders / Other Mesh Colliders).

At the very bottom of the page is a matrix of what collides with what:

It's pretty badly laid out, but it'll give you what you need

The rest of the page will give you information on meshcollider specific interactions

Raycasts should always work with meshcolliders, no matter what sort

I know it was a bit of an old post, but may as well fill in the missing info

their collision table is just like other colliders but they can not collide with each other if they move and their triangle count is higher than 255. they can collide with other collision shapes easily just like others but non static mesh colliders with more than 255 triangles can not have collisions with each other (physx don't detect it). so mesh colliders that they are convex can collide with other convex mesh colliders when moving but they are limited to 255 triangles. (you can check the convex checkbox in mesh collider's inspector). there is not any other limitation applied. convex mesh colliders that move are heavy don't use them if you don't have to do. each collision check should check for all 255 triangles of each mesh collider.