MeshCollider cookConvexMesh: user-provided convex mesh descriptor is invalid!

I have a MeshFilter attached to a RigidBody with a MeshCollider, and I declare:

Mesh mesh = myObject.GetComponent< MeshFilter>().mesh;

MeshCollider meshCollider = myObject.GetComponent< MeshCollider>();

I update the mesh vertices (from an array called “vertices”) and attempt to update the MeshCollider accordingly:

meshCollider.sharedMesh = null;

mesh.vertices = vertices;

meshCollider.sharedMesh = mesh;

When running the game I get the following error upon creation of myObject:

Cooking::cookConvexMesh: user-provided convex mesh descriptor is invalid!

I’ve noticed that when I remove the line that turns the sharedMesh into null the error is gone but the MeshCollider won’t update.

Did anyone run into such an error? If so, what am I doing wrong?


I was having a similar issue and it turned out it was because all my verts had been set to (0,0,0). Not sure if this what is happening in your case, but thought that that info might help.