meshes blow up when updating/fixing animations


i'm having so much trouble with my player prefab when updating animation or weight changes. I'll try to explain it properly since i'm not an animator XD

We are working on a char editor and all has been going pretty well so far until we start working on animations. It has been no problems at all at the beginning when models in the prefab where skinned and animated.

The structure we use is quite similar to the one used in character demo in unity. A max file with all the models (body base, heads, shirts, pants...) and the skeleton and then, a single file for each anim using filename@animname format.

As I said, all worked fine the first time. We set up the prefab adding the models, duplicating each of them as many times as we needed for color variations and assigning them all the anims (which afterwards are called by our player control script depending on the action).

The problem came when, after testing all the combinations with all the anims, we needed to change some weights and polish up some anims. I thought it would be as much easy as modifying models since after all, prefabs call meshes from the .max files and when you modify those meshes... the prefab gets updated. In this case, it wasn't like that. The smaller change we make crashes the models when updated in both cases, weight and anim changes.

Is there anything we have to take on count when changing anims?? Can this be caused because of working stright away from .max files (instead of using FBX files for instance) when collapsing anims??

Thanks a lot!!

I have found that a change in the original T-pose at the first frame to be a probable cause in my same situation. As well having a second character with the exact same name but different transforms has blown my rigged mesh up on me in a prior project. I got rid of the duplicate and the character was normal again. As well, bones with zero weight that had prior weighting get dropped from the FBX export it seems and that as well causes problems as the interpreter "thinks" there should be more or less transforms than there is..Adding bones in will blow it up too. best to delete from the Hierarchy window and pull an updated rig into the prefab in the Project window. Other than that.. Its all a mystery to me:)