Meshes imported from Blender aren't scaled correctly

When I try to import meshes from Blender, they are not imported correctly.

For example, when I try to import the Blender default cube into Unity, it seems it is bigger than the Unity default cube (I made sure to reset the Unity cube, so its scale is 1)

When I look at its transform, it was automatically scaled by 100.

When I reset it, it is actually way tinier than the Unity default cube.

I made sure that Blender is configured to use the metric system, not the imperial one, so I am not sure what is going wrong here.

I noticed, that there is an import setting in Unity, to automatically convert units, which is enabled by default:

When I UNCHECK this option, the mesh is still imported incorrectly, but this time it is only twice as big as the Unity default mesh.

Now when I scale the Blender cube by 0.5, it is the same size as the Unity cube.

What is going wrong here?

I am using Unity and Blender on Ubuntu 20.04 with Unity 2021 LTS

If you set Apply Scalings to 「FBX All」 in the blender fbx export settings, the scale will be set to 1.


As an aside, here is a workaround for the problem of Rotation.x=-90

First, select the object and enter -90 for the object’s rotation value X.

Apply this rotation (Ctrl+A → Apply → Rotation).

Make sure that the Rotation is now 0.

Finally, enter 90 for Rotation.x. Do not apply this.