MeshFilter and CombineMesh Doesn't Build Properly

I have a script (below) that I’m using to combine the mesh of a series of child gameObjects to save resources. The combining of the mesh works perfectly while in Unity’s Game Editor, however once I build the game and run it, the combined mesh is nowhere to be found. There also doesn’t appear to be any related errors or warnings during the build.

I’m on latest Unity4. (by the way, the CombineMeshes documentation on Unity’s site is wrong. It doesn’t even compile!)

Here’s the code I’m using.

#pragma strict

@script RequireComponent(MeshFilter)
@script RequireComponent(MeshRenderer)

function Start () {
	var meshFilters = GetComponentsInChildren.<MeshFilter>();						// Get the MeshFilter components of the children
	var combine : CombineInstance[] = new CombineInstance[meshFilters.Length-1];	// Create an array to hold the meshes
	var index = 0;
	for (var i=0;i<meshFilters.Length;i++) {										// Create a loop to iterate through the "combine" array
		if (meshFilters*.sharedMesh == null) continue;*

_ combine[index].mesh = meshFilters*.sharedMesh; // Assign the mesh of this child to the sharedMesh*_
_ combine[index++].transform = meshFilters*.transform.localToWorldMatrix; // Position the mesh*
meshFilters*.renderer.enabled = false; // Disable the renderer as it’s no longer needed*
* }*_

* GetComponent(MeshFilter).mesh = new Mesh();*
* GetComponent(MeshFilter).mesh.CombineMeshes(combine); // Get the combined mesh*
* renderer.material = meshFilters[1].renderer.sharedMaterial; // Assign the material*

Hi cassius, have you fixed this problem yet? I have the same problem now…