MeshSkinning Additional Information

Occasionally I am seeing a spike in the MeshSkinning entry of the profiler. Is there any way to drill down into this profiler entry and get additional information that would help me track down why these spikes are happening? Or is that one number all that I get?

You can't get more detailed information from that specific MeshSkinning entry. However you might be able to correlate it with other events you see in the profiler timeline (did a few gameobjects just get spawned? etc)

We multithreaded mesh skinning (if you have 10 meshes to skin, we spread those over all the cores available in your system).

If you happened to be doing something on a seperate thread during that time (remember not to call into the Unity API from a non-main thread!), that could also cause meshskinning suddenly be less able to spread its load.

you have skinning when you create new gameObjects with skinned meshes or change the bone structure of gameObjects or ... so you should take a look at them to make skinning more lightweight.