MessageBase with custom member variable

I’m having trouble with a custom message base.

It’s very simple:

public class CustomUpdate : MessageBase {
    public CustomClass object;

CustomClass looks as follows:

public class CustomClass {
    public string id;
    public List<int> clients;

However, I’m getting multiple errors here. I’m quite sure it has something to do with the List<int>, cause I don’t get any errors, when I uncomment that property.

The error messages are

UNetWeaver error: GenerateSerialization for CustomUpdate unknown type [CustomClass/CustomClass]. UNet [MessageBase] member variables must be basic types.


UNetWeaver error: WriteReadFunc for clients [System.Collections.Generic.List '1<System.Int32>/System.Collections.Generic.List'1<System.Int32>]. Cannot have generic parameters.

Any idea how to fix this error?

@Martinomat This isn’t really my area (I’m working on learning it atm aswell) so I can’t tell you how to solve the problem, but I can tell you why it doesn’t work…

MessageBase/Reader/Writer doesn’t support lists. To see what it supports check out the public functions here:

You can probably turn a list or at least an array into Bytes or something like that and pack/unpack that conversion in Write/Read. Maybe that gives you an idea of what to search for, at least.

EDIT: I ended up needing the same solution you needed so I’ll post my findings here. I’m posting two methods, one turns a list of ints into a string, the other turns a string into a list of ints. So replace the List clients with a string clients and use these functions to convert to and from.

public string WriteToString(List<int> intList)
	StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder("");
	foreach (int i in intList)
		sb.Append(i + "_");
	return = sb.ToString();

public List<int> ReadToIntList(string str)
	var returnValue = new List<int>();
	var splitIntList = str.Split('_');

	foreach (var intString in splitIntList)
	return returnValue;

There is probs a more efficient way to do it, but this works fine.