Messed up file exported from blender to unity.

Hello! so im working on my game and i need a Cracked pond. So i fix it up in blender and export it to unity.
Here is what it looks like in blender

And here it is in unity…

So Im not sure whats wrong. I added the texture in blender and it looks great in blender. Please help!

That’s very strange… I can’t exactly see your topology, to find out what could be wrong with it though. Look for invisible faces and go back into blender and flip them I believe there is an option in the tools panel (If you don’t see it press T on the keyboard) also, make sure you have the right materials assigned. It looks like you have a black material on it. If that still doesn’t work try and recalculating the normals (also in tools menu). Then removing doubles W → remove doubles. (If that doesn’t work try Shift + W) Look in the importer and set the normals to Calculate, that also seems to help, and if that still doesn’t work then try remodeling it.