[Meta] -1 Answers Bug

I was just browsing around, and saw this.

It says both the questions has -1 answers.
When I checked them out, they both had one answer.
Shouldn’t it say 1 answer then?

This comes together with the answers that are marked green with zero answers, the questions where you can’t post comments, the questions that you can’t post answers, and so on.

I’ve seen that whenever you (as a mod) convert a comment to an answer, the answer count gets updated right away, but the question won’t show before the page is reloaded. So it seems like the answer count and the answer list are independent, which is what causes these errors.

It’s probably the site not handling concurrent input very well - so if one user posts an answer just before someone else deletes one, the second one will cause the number of recorded answers to be set to “old count - 1”, without having updated the count from the posted answer - and then rejecting the +1 from the posted one as it has an earlier timestamp. Something along those lines, anyways.

Just roll with it. There was a big meta thread a while back where somebody official said that resources would be moved to fix stuff on UA at a vague point in the future.