[META] basic problem: general programming v. Unity questions

I finally realised the fundamental problem on this answers site.

Because Unity is so popular with brand new programmers, you get a huge number of questions that are, in fact, simply “general programming” questions.

{At this particular moment I happened to look at the latest questions, and had this insight. All the latest questions are along the lines “how do I choose one of four blah randomly”, “how do I offer players a restart option”, “can’t update scores” “need help with flow control” and so on.}

Note that many of these “general learner programming” questions involve UNity, but, that’s in the same sense that on a site for any particular programming language (say … Pascal) the “general learner programming” questions will, obviously, involve that language (in the example, Pascal).

So again - the overwhelming fundamental problem on this site is that 80% say (I just did a quick count-off of the most recent 100 questions)

are indeed “GLP” “general learner programming” questions.

The site needs to be split in to two parts.

A Unity gatekeeper needs to send GLP questions to the GLP section, and all the actual “questions about Unity technology” can go to that section.

{Indeed quite simply, people posing questions could be offered a selector which section they want.}

Unity3D has a special place: it is now, de facto, the world’s general programming learning experience. (Quite an amazing thing.) Because there are 17 billion people who want to Make A Slender Game, they all reach for Unity to learn how to program. They don’t reach for xcode, msft-basic, perl or whatever. The only thing beginners reach for is Unity3D. (And, fair enough.)

This fundamental insight, that Unity3D is now, de facto, the world’s general programming learning experience, has indeed resulted in the overwhelming reality that the answers.unity3d site, has become, a craphole.

There will never be any peace until the site is split in to two, GLP questions and “actual” Unity questions (questions by working engineers, who are learning about Unity / need to know something about Unity).

Note that the benefits to GLP questioners would be many: busy-body people would RUN to answer GLP questions, it would be great for all. And the site’s functionality for Unity questions would return.

i think people need to learn to use google too!

totally agree with the post here though, it amazes me how little effort people put into learning these days, i never learned coding at a college or anything(not that im very good) but i put a LOT of hours into learning it from tutorial websites and books.