[META] Can the merry_christmas addons be used on Mac?

Regarding the message from Alucard below,

Does anyone know, can that be used on an ordinary OSX/Safari? Cheers.

the reject and send message feature in the moderation queue would be a critical time-saver.

"merry_christmas to the rescue !

Hey everybody, you have to check out the newly available add-ons, written and supplied by merry_christmas. This is exactly what we needed to kickstart the whole advanced/univanced idea.

Also with a reject and send message feature in the moderation que for answers that should be comments. It almost makes being a moderator fun again.

So head over to the page and get your add-ons running now :


I can confirm the add-ons work on mac using Chrome.

Also confirmed working for Safari.

  • Install NinjaKit 0.9.1 : http://mac.softpedia.com/get/Internet-Utilities/NinjaKit-for-Safari.shtml
  • Check NinjaKit is installed, there should be a button with a cross beside the url address bar (left of the + bookmark button)
  • Grab and unzip the JavaScript Files (Chrome Version) : http://answers.unity3d.com/storage/temp/11229-unity+scripts+(chrome).zip
  • In Safari, click on the cross beside the url address bar, now you should be in the NinjaKit tab
  • Click on the Scripts tab (Basics, Scripts, About)
  • Click on the Add new script button, now there should be a text area on the right with a default template (1. // ==UserScript== , etc )
  • Now open one of the scripts with TextEdit (right-click, open with > TextEdit)
  • Copy All (Edit > Select All)
  • Go back to the Safari NinjaKit#scripts tab
  • In the textfield, highlight all the default text and right-click > Paste
  • Hit the Save button under the textfield, there should be the notification Saved!
  • Done and dusted, refresh your Unity Answers page
  • Rinse and repeat for all three scripts

You can do it! I believe in you =]