[Meta] Goodbye Unity Answers

So, despite how little of you may know me, I know a few do. I also know a few people are interested in this specific topic that I’m about to bring up, so I figured, why not? Let’s go ahead and talk about…

The blatant ignorance, arrogance, and undeserved self-entitlement of the members.

Over the last year, Unity Answers has become a cesspool of “Do this for me!” and “That didn’t work fix it!!” and I’ve had enough. Serious programmers come to this site to get serious help, and then are completely disregarded due to the flood of idiotic questions that we see every single day here.

Today, I finally make my leave and say goodbye to all of the true programmers on here, who are trying to do something useful by helping others, and to the ones who come here merely to get out of doing any real work themselves.

You are a disgrace to programming, programmers, and the entire nature of development.

I truly hope that this post brings a serious note of attention to the staff of Unity Answers, and I hope they do something to screen questions better. Something a bit more than letting anyone who gets 2000 rep being able to pick and choose, most of the time without even reading the question.

Please, leave your feedback and views about what should be done to improve the answer board! Let’s give the development team something to go on, tell them what you want!

Lastly, I’d like to thank any programmers on here who have helped me in the past. Your work is truly appreciated, by those who are honestly trying to learn.

Goodbye, Unity Answers.

Not so formally,



No more Mr Nice Mod!

I don’t blame you theirs too many people asking too write code or for some reason can’t use google or practice over and over from youtube tutorials.