Meta hand-tracking build block failure

Hi guys! I’m working on an AR system using the Meta Quest 3 device. The system needs to track the user hands, and I chose to use the Meta Building Blocks built-in to achieve that. Currently I’m using Meta XR All-In-One SDK v65.0.0 package. In order to know if the hand tracking is working correctly, I use the ‘Synthetic Hands’ building block from the same package.

Now comes the funny part: I noticed that, sometimes, while I’m not wearing shoes (but socks), the hand tracking component recognizes my foot instead of my hand. This behavior occurs more often if I’m wearing white socks instead of black socks. I think
it is like that because the recognizing of the shadows of the fingers is somehow involved in the hand tracking (wearing black socks, no shadows are found by the camera).

Is this something that happens, or happened, also to you? Do you know if there’s a way to improve the hand tracking using these building blocks?

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This section of discussions is specific to visionOS and the Apple Vision Pro.

The topic is related to the Oculus platform, I recommend posting the question on their forums.


Thanks man, I changed the topic to general questions. I will also write on their forums too :+1: